With the waning use of the Arabic language among our people in the countries of immigration and the diaspora, we have an insistent desire to perpetuate this language as a basic instrument of communication, at least among the activists and elite of the communities. Therefore, PII has decided to offer an annual scholarship to young people in the diaspora to allow them to study at Jordanian and Palestinian universities in any field that may serve the interests of our expatriate people and may enable them to communicate with and serve their homeland. This scholarship has been given the name of our late and great poet, Mahmoud Darwish, who was a dear friend of PII.

We are grateful to the University of Jordan for having given us 10 scholarships, including tuition fees, to be granted to chosen students from Latin America, Australia, Canada and others, to study Arabic or English, according to their need.

The first group started their studies in 2010. Ten Palestinian students from Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Cuba and others came to study. Every year, an equal number will be spending their academic year in Jordan University and AlQuds University, likewise.


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