Terms and conditions:

  1. The work should be in the field of photography branches: oil painting, acrylic, water painting, graphic printing, mixed materials.
  2. The work volume shall not exceed 100×80 cm for oil painting, acrylic and mixed materials, and not more than 80×65 cm for water painting works and printing.
  3. The work shall be authentic and not transferred from any other work.
  4. The work must not be previously offered or received prizes.
  5. The applicant is not entitled to participate in more than one work.
  6. The work shall be for one artist only, mutual works are not accepted.
  7. The work shall contain expressive value.
  8. The decision of the Arbitration Commission shall be deemed irrevocable and the Arbitration Committee shall have the right to withhold the award or grant it to one or more winners.
  9. Each prize will be awarded a total prize of US$5,000 (Five thousands US Dollar), in addition, a certificate of appreciation will be granted for each winner.
  10. Attached CV Arabic (none Arab can submit his/her CV in English), a copy of personal identity, and a personal picture.
  11. The deadline for submitting the work is 20 June, 2019.
  12. The work is sent to the headquarters of the Palestine International Institute, between seven and eight circle, Zahran Street, Amman-Jordan. Tel: 5865684, e-mail: pii-diaspora.org or [email protected]


The rights of the winning works will be transferred to the Palestine International Institution, and the remaining participants will have the right to choose between granting their works to the “Institution” or retrieve them at their own expense.

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