Within the cultural activities of the Palestine International Institute, the “PII” in collaboration with Al Assriyya schools launched the “Al Assriyya Forum” believing that culture is an essential source of knowledge and proper education. Adding that cultural dimension is a valuable addition to any academic institute, from this perspective came the founding of the “Al  Assriyya Forum” in 2000 to be one of the cornerstones of this educational structure. The Forum is considered to be as a free platform that expresses the character of Al Assriyya schools and its excellence in the field of accepting pluralism and focusing on democracy and respecting others.

The Forum hosted in its activities and events a number of opinion leaders, analysts, intellectuals and artists, Jordanians and Arabs, they contributed through their speeches and conversation in enriching the Jordanian Cultural theme. Thus Al Assriyya Forum has become one of the leading cultural platforms in Amman due to its cultural and distinctive academic reputation that distanced it from the political agendas and other considerations. Thus the Forum contributes in raising the efficiency of workers at schools and develops their cultural aspects.

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