Palestine International Institute (PII) is the first and only Palestinian NGO to specialize in gathering academic and scientific information about communities of Palestinian origin living Diaspora.

The Institute came to be in 2002, in response to a severe lack of information about Arab and Palestinian communities around the world. Available studies were poor and scattered.

In addition, regular and effective connections among these communities were lacking, there was almost no connection between these communities and Homeland.

 PII’s comprehensive approach has been a great motivation for its creative thinking, which without direct involvement in politics, simulates major activities within the core of the broader Palestinian national movement.

PII’s projects ain to set up a two-way link of interation between our communities abroad and Palestine as a cause, a homeland and a future independent state.

PII also aspires to establish solid bridges among these communities to empower Palestinians in the West to join their efforts towards serving Palestinian national interests around the world.

Administrative Bodies

Work with PII

With membership expansion and business fields diversity, and in
order to guarantee that the “institution” has an ongoing high level
of credibility, transparency, collectivity of decision making, and
sustainability in holding flags from one generation to another on
the footsteps of the above mentioned “vision” and “strategy”, the
leading planning and administrative commissions supervise the
“institutions” work according to the adopted “primary system”:

1. Board of trustees.
2. Board of Directors.
3. CEO
4. Workers of the institution.

PII believes that he who cannot bridge heart and mind will never be
able to make bridges between the homeland and exile.

Hence, PII’s insistence on self-funding through the essential
contibutions of its members. PII’s membership structure is as follows:

  • Trustee: a member who has given a one-time payment of US
    $25,000 or more, and commits to giving $5,000 or more annually.
  • Active Member: a member who gives more than $5,000
  • Supporting Member: a member who makes a one-time or
    annual donation of any size.

Current members

Her Excellency Mrs. Leila Sharaf
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

Michel Sayegh
Chairman of the Board of Directors

 Dr. As’ad Abdul Rehman
Board Member (Executive Chairman)

Membership Form

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