Urgent Medical Development Programs in Palestine

Palestinians under occupation are in need for different types of medical care, which is very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to be obtained inside their homeland. So, they resort to seeking treatment, physicians and hospitals outside of Palestine (in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and sometimes in Western Europe, the United States and other countries).

After a workshop which hosted medical teams from Germany, Austria, Jordan and Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza), a scientific inventory of medical needs of the Palestinians was conducted, whether on the long-term, medium-term, or urgent. Since then, the PII embarked on developing programs to address the urgent needs in particular.

Our efforts in this regard already culminated in providing training to a number of physicians / nurses in various fields and specializations, both in the Jordan Hospital or Khalidi Hospital in Jordan, in addition to other hospitals in Hanover / Germany, thanks to our connections and the shared spirit of Arabism. The PII covered all the expenses of transportation (airline tickets and travel to and from Palestine) in addition to the daily expenses of the participants.

The training we provided so far was as follows:

1. By the end of 2009, and after a deal (via leaders in the Palestinian community in “Hanover”) without standing German institutions in nursing, eleven (11) male and female nursing group (selected by specialists in Palestine) attended a five weeks comprehensive course of theoretical and practical training in Germany, which coveredareas of related subjects such as: infection, children, emergency, outpatient clinics, and other subjects.

2. In November 2011, the PII provided training for 6 physicians from the West Bank in cooperation with the Juzoor Foundation in the Jordan Hospital for one month in various disciplines, which helped these physicians to improve their career.

3. The PII provided training for 4 of cadres of the Gaza Strip: an anesthetist and a technician of artificial heart and two nurses in the Khalidi Hospital for a period of 3 months in May 2012. They also received special training in anesthesia for heart surgery and patients’ care after operations.

4. During the month of January 2013, three Palestinian doctors (from Makased Hospital – Jerusalem) were trained in Frankfurt/ Germany in the following specialties: ICU and perfusion.

Currently, there is an urgent need to a more profound and protracted training on the basis that these training programs should be permanent. Yet, what is urgently needed today is to establish a fund that ensures the training of a number of physicians / nurses and other paramedical specialists. In case we manage to raise the funds, we are plan to embark on training 6 – 7 physicians for a period of three years with a cost of approximately (1000 dinars per month for each trainee) in order to cover the travel, accommodation and daily expenses, i.e., food and drink and other needs.

Our current plans for urgent training programs include:

1.     Supporting Dr. Suha Attili to train in the King Hussein Cancer Center for a period of 3 years in the radiology department, by paying her monthly salary and expenses. She will begin her training by the end of 2012.

2.     The PII will support the training of a physician from the West Bank and another from Gaza in the King Hussein Cancer Center for three years in the specialty of intensive care for children is a very rare specialty. This includes paying their monthly salaries and expenses throughout the training period.

3.     There is a grant from the National Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology to train to train 3 physicians for 3 years in endocrinology and diabetes. The PII will secure the salaries and expenses of these physicians for 3 years.

4.     PII made an agreement, in collaboration with the Juzoor Foundation in Ramallah, to train 2 nurses in the field of respiratory therapy for 3 months in the King Hussein Cancer Center, for the specialty of respiratory therapy is not available in Palestine.

Accordingly, the total cost for the training of 6 physicians and 2 nurses (5 from the West Bank and 3 from Gaza) will be as follows:

1. For the (6) physicians, the total cost will be (222,000JDs.) two hundred and twenty two thousand Jordanian dinars (covering three years) on the basis of a two thousand dinars monthly salary for the physician, of which (1200JDs) are pocket money + (800JDs) for sporadic expenses.

2. For the 2 nurses, (6,000JDs) six thousand dinars (covering three months) on the basis of a 1,000 dinars per month for each nurse.

The total cost for the eight trainees will be approximately (228.000JDs.) two hundred and twenty eight thousand Jordanian dinars.

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